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Plain Old Jane
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Crazy effing dream last night

okay, so last night, again, insomnia, so I took some unisom and went to sleep. In my dream, I was this scientist going undercover into the southern states to investigate the spread of a new deadly fungus (Blue Fungus, but for some reason, they called it Blue Tabacco) Anyway, I went through a crazy fucking training simulation which scarededed me, and the simulation took the life of my instructor. and it was scary again, so then I went south and after working for 25 minutes, I developed a vaccine against this agent and distributed it amongst teh peeples. I forgot to innoculate myself and went undercover in a... whore house.... because of a tip we got that the ugliness was man made and centered here, so I went in, and after exploring the upper and lower levels which were connected by cat walks, strange for a whore house... I found a buncha whores, they greeted me like their own and welcomed me in, i questioned them, and finally, the mastermind came in, i clocked him with something and one of the whores freaked, so I tried to take her out of the room, but by the door there was this patch of blue on the dilapitated walls that was not bulging before, and boom! I pushed the whore to the ground and tried to block the popping, but little spines were stuck all over. Then the whores ran off except me and the one in shock and I just sat there knowing i had this fungus in meh.. then I woke up...

Now, take all the crazy dream shit out and leave the story structure in there with some better writing (my subconsious isnt that great a writer) and you have yourself a great movie Idea!
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.
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