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testtubebaby 07-28-2005 01:30 PM

looking for a laptop...

i know that i should really do my own research, but since my desktop is several hundered miles away from me (and might be several thousand miles away from me in the near future) i've decided to use my limited time on a computer lab terminal to call out and recruit the TTT family (i know the extra "the" is kind of redundant) to help me in my quest...

here is what i need:

the best laptop computer for playing games that is around $1000

not too hard, neh?

the problem i have is that if i were building a desktop for this price, i'd know exactly how to spread my money out, but as far as mobile computing/gaming goes, i'm totally in the dark since everything is kind of inclusive and i don't have the freedom to buy component from different places. so, firstly i think we need to figure out what is most important as far as balancing qualaty components with price and what we can let slide. for example, i have no need for a DVD-R drive to be in this thing... a simple CD-R drive will work. the best system would be juggling a good, fast cpu (again, i know nothing about mobile CPUs and which are good and which arn't), fast/ample ram, and a video card that is able to run modern games, if not at the highest settings (again, i know nothing about mobile video). screen size isn't that important to me, though widescreen would be nice it is by no means a deal maker... on screens i would rather have quality over size and by all means a smaller screen with better cpu/video is the way to go.

that said, i'll thank you in advance for any leads you might be able to help me with. direct links to online stores would be most helpful (links to the systems themselves, that is).

testtubebaby 07-28-2005 01:54 PM

i found this, though the company seems shady:

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