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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
;) Wink Wink
:) Smile Smile
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:( Frown Frown
:mad: Mad Mad
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: EEK! EEK!
More Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:soldieran Soldierangry Soldierangry
:whoohoo: Whoohoo Whoohoo
:dead: Dead Dead
:ninja: Ninja Ninja
:soldiereh Soldiereh Soldiereh
:087: 087 087
:worry: Worry Worry
:eureka: Eureka Eureka
:soldierpu Soldierpuke Soldierpuke
:anirazz2: Anirazz2 Anirazz2
:soldierth Soldierthumbdown Soldierthumbdown
:axe: Axe Axe
:purplex: Purplex Purplex
:tank: Tank Tank
:boxin: Boxin Boxin
:sing: Sing Sing
:upsidown: Upsidown Upsidown
:chicken: Chicken Chicken
:ham: Ham Ham
:pai: Pai Pai
:heart: Heart Heart
:pray: Pray Pray
:huh2: Huh2 Huh2
:fightinwo Fightinwords Fightinwords
:jump: Jump Jump
:fU: FU FU
:loved: Loved Loved
:guitar: Guitar Guitar
:ninjab: Ninjab Ninjab
:what: What What
:crazyeyes Crazyeyes Crazyeyes
:soldiercr Soldiercrazyeyes Soldiercrazyeyes
:wipeeyes: Wipeeyes Wipeeyes
:devilspin Devilspin Devilspin
:soldierlo Soldierlol Soldierlol
:angel: Angel Angel
:soldiersm Soldiersmoke Soldiersmoke
:apc: Apc Apc
:star: Star Star
:bottomsup Bottomsup Bottomsup
:rofl2: Rofl2 Rofl2
:trippy: Trippy Trippy
:butt: Butt Butt
:sniffles: Sniffles Sniffles
:hare: Hare Hare
:petrified Petrified Petrified
:hi: Hi Hi
:fellover: Fellover Fellover
:irked: Irked Irked
:flyinange Flyinangel Flyinangel
:laugh: Laugh Laugh
:grinhappy Grinhappy Grinhappy
:mope: Mope Mope
:guns5: Guns5 Guns5
:nosey: Nosey Nosey
:soldierbl Soldierblush Soldierblush
:winkin: Winkin Winkin
:devil1: Devil1 Devil1
:???: Confused (light bg) Confused (light bg)
:soldiergu Soldierguns Soldierguns
:2smile: 2smile 2smile
:excited: Excited Excited
:soldiersa Soldiersad Soldiersad
:anitongue Anitongue Anitongue
:soldierto Soldiertongue Soldiertongue
:bigeyes: Bigeyes Bigeyes
:ranting: Ranting Ranting
:tearylaug Tearylaugh Tearylaugh
:bunny: Bunny Bunny
:smiliebot Smiliebot Smiliebot
:vomit: Vomit Vomit
:chimp: Chimp Chimp
:hammy: Hammy Hammy
:paranoid: Paranoid Paranoid
:hearts: Hearts Hearts
:puppy: Puppy Puppy
:eyespin: Eyespin Eyespin
:inlove2: Inlove2 Inlove2
:fish: Fish Fish
:kissin: Kissin Kissin
:geek: Geek Geek
:massacre: Massacre Massacre
:guns2: Guns2 Guns2
:nod: Nod Nod
:soccerbal Soccerball Soccerball
:whoa: Whoa Whoa
:cryriver: Cryriver Cryriver
:soldieree Soldiereek Soldiereek
:086: 086 086
:worried: Worried Worried
:drunksong Drunksong Drunksong
:soldierpi Soldierpissed Soldierpissed
:anikiss: Anikiss Anikiss
:soldiersu Soldiersurprised Soldiersurprised
:archer: Archer Archer
:sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop
:bouncy: Bouncy Bouncy
:shrug: Shrug Shrug
:typing: Typing Typing
:candleblo Candleblow Candleblow
:ooh: Ooh Ooh
:headscrat Headscratch Headscratch
:poke: Poke Poke
:huh: Huh Huh
:fencin: Fencin Fencin
:jawdrop: Jawdrop Jawdrop
:frustrate Frustrated Frustrated
:lenochin: Lenochin Lenochin
:grump: Grump Grump
:newbie: Newbie Newbie
:halo: Halo Halo
:cow: Cow Cow
:soldierco Soldiercool Soldiercool
:winktongu Winktongue Winktongue
:devilcath Devilcathing Devilcathing
:soldierla Soldierlaugh Soldierlaugh
:anal: Anal Anal
:eyerollin Eyerollin Eyerollin
:soldiersm Soldiersmile1 Soldiersmile1
:aniwink2: Aniwink2 Aniwink2
:sorry: Sorry Sorry
:bonk: Bonk Bonk
:rofl: Rofl Rofl
:toilet: Toilet Toilet
:bustout2: Bustout2 Bustout2
:snide: Snide Snide
:weed: Weed Weed
:happy: Happy Happy
:penguin: Penguin Penguin
:helpme: Helpme Helpme
:fattie: Fattie Fattie
:innocent: Innocent Innocent
:flower: Flower Flower
:lafhard: Lafhard Lafhard
:goodevil: Goodevil Goodevil
:monkey: Monkey Monkey
:guns4: Guns4 Guns4
:nosepicke Nosepicker Nosepicker
:soldierbi Soldierbiggrin Soldierbiggrin
:whyme: Whyme Whyme
:deaddrunk Deaddrunk Deaddrunk
:soldierfr Soldierfrown Soldierfrown
:091: 091 091
:zzz: Zzz Zzz
:evilking: Evilking Evilking
:soldiers: Soldiers Soldiers
:anirazz: Anirazz Anirazz
:soldierth Soldierthumbup Soldierthumbup
:bear: Bear Bear
:rain: Rain Rain
:tastey: Tastey Tastey
:bun: Bun Bun
:smilebomb Smilebomb Smilebomb
:urgh: Urgh Urgh
:chickenca Chickencatcher Chickencatcher
:hammer: Hammer Hammer
:panda: Panda Panda
:heartbeat Heartbeat Heartbeat
:pukegreen Pukegreen Pukegreen
:inlove: Inlove Inlove
:fightinwo Fightinwords2 Fightinwords2
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:fyou: Fyou Fyou
:loveeyes: Loveeyes Loveeyes
:guns: Guns Guns
:no: No No
:whip: Whip Whip
:crier: Crier Crier
:soldiercr Soldiercry Soldiercry
:worm: Worm Worm
:drool: Drool Drool
:soldierma Soldiermad Soldiermad
:aniblush: Aniblush Aniblush
:soldiersp Soldierspooked Soldierspooked
:applause: Applause Applause
:stupified Stupified Stupified
:bouncebal Bounceball Bounceball
:sheep: Sheep Sheep
:twitch: Twitch Twitch
:calm: Calm Calm
:sob: Sob Sob
:notsure: Notsure Notsure
:headphone Headphones Headphones
:pisssed: Pisssed Pisssed
:hothead: Hothead Hothead
:femsmile: Femsmile Femsmile
:jackinbox Jackinbox Jackinbox
:frogg: Frogg Frogg
:laughter: Laughter Laughter
:gritteeth Gritteeth Gritteeth
:mouse: Mouse Mouse
:gurn: Gurn Gurn
:chompers: Chompers Chompers
:soldierch Soldiercheers Soldiercheers
:winkthumb Winkthumb Winkthumb
:devil2: Devil2 Devil2
:soldiergu Soldierguns1 Soldierguns1
:alien: Alien Alien
:eyepopper Eyepopper Eyepopper
:soldiersh Soldiershocked Soldiershocked
:aniwink: Aniwink Aniwink
:soldierwi Soldierwink Soldierwink
:boggle: Boggle Boggle
:rassberry Rassberry Rassberry
:thinkinha Thinkinhard Thinkinhard
:bustout: Bustout Bustout
:smokin: Smokin Smokin
:wavin: Wavin Wavin
:hang: Hang Hang
:peace: Peace Peace
:hello: Hello Hello
:fart: Fart Fart
:inlove3: Inlove3 Inlove3
:flopsy: Flopsy Flopsy
:kitty: Kitty Kitty
:ginger: Ginger Ginger
:mexismoke Mexismoke Mexismoke
:guns3: Guns3 Guns3
:nono: Nono Nono
:?: Confused (dark bg) Confused (dark bg)
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:goomba: Goomba Goomba
:waluigi: Waluigi Waluigi
:plasma: Plasma Plasma
:s-ctf: S Ctf S Ctf
:boo: Boo Boo
:pmush: Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom
:flak: Flak Flak
:xloc: Xloc Xloc
:s-telefra S Telefrag S Telefrag
:dk: Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
:toad: Toad Toad
:rocket: Rocket Rocket
:s-minigun S Minigun S Minigun
:drmario: Dr Mario Dr Mario
:mush: Mushroom Mushroom
:impact: Impact Impact
:s-chainsa S Chainsaw S Chainsaw
:grinmario Grinnin' Mario Grinnin' Mario
:n64: N64 Logo N64 Logo
:luigi: Luigi Luigi
:enforcer: Enforcer Enforcer
:s-shock: S Shock S Shock
:1up: 1up Mushroom 1up Mushroom
:yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi
:ripper: Ripper Ripper
:s-instagi S Instagib S Instagib
:diddy: Diddy Diddy
:snescont: SNES Controller SNES Controller
:glob: Glob Glob
:s-bluecap S Bluecap S Bluecap
:babymario Baby Mario Baby Mario
:gb: Game Boy Game Boy
:wario: Wario Wario
:sniper: Sniper Sniper
:s-redeeme S Redeemer S Redeemer
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:yodaarrow Yodaarrow Yodaarrow
:yodaexcla Yodaexclaim Yodaexclaim
:yodasmile Yodasmile Yodasmile
:yodacry: Yodacry Yodacry
:yodaquest Yodaquestion Yodaquestion
:yodaconfu Yodaconfused Yodaconfused
:yodaidea: Yodaidea Yodaidea
:yodatongu Yodatongue Yodatongue
:yodabiggr Yodabiggrin Yodabiggrin
:yodaevil: Yodaevil Yodaevil
:yodasad: Yodasad Yodasad
:yodacrazy Yodacrazy Yodacrazy
:yodaneutr Yodaneutral Yodaneutral
:yodablush Yodablush Yodablush
:yodagrin: Yodagrin Yodagrin
:yodasurpr Yodasurprised Yodasurprised
:yodaeek: Yodaeek Yodaeek
:yodarolle Yodarolleyes Yodarolleyes
:yodacool: Yodacool Yodacool
:yodamad: Yodamad Yodamad
:yodawink: Yodawink Yodawink
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:orcnon: Orcnon Orcnon
:orcboulet Orcboulet Orcboulet
:orcyay: Orcyay Orcyay
:orcdodo: Orcdodo Orcdodo
:orc2: Orc2 Orc2
:orchmm: Orchmm Orchmm
:orckoa: Orckoa Orckoa
:orcshhh: Orcshhh Orcshhh
:orcawww: Orcawww Orcawww
:orcstupid Orcstupid Orcstupid
:orccrazy2 Orccrazy2 Orccrazy2
:orc12: Orc12 Orc12
:orcgene: Orcgene Orcgene
:orc7: Orc7 Orc7
:orcpascom Orcpascompris Orcpascompris
:orcchoked Orcchoked Orcchoked
:orc1: Orc1 Orc1
:orcevil2: Orcevil2 Orcevil2
:orc4: Orc4 Orc4
:orchug: Orchug Orchug
:orclaught Orclaught2 Orclaught2
:orcblacke Orcblackeye Orcblackeye
:orctrinqu Orctrinque Orctrinque
:orcdeb: Orcdeb Orcdeb
:orc14: Orc14 Orc14
:orcgne: Orcgne Orcgne
:orc9: Orc9 Orc9
:orcsanta: Orcsanta Orcsanta
:orcass: Orcass Orcass
:orcspash: Orcspash Orcspash
:orccrazy: Orccrazy Orccrazy
:orc11: Orc11 Orc11
:orcfuck: Orcfuck Orcfuck
:orc6: Orc6 Orc6
:orcinterr Orcinterro Orcinterro
:orcpaf: Orcpaf Orcpaf
:orccensur Orccensured Orccensured
:orc^^: Orc^^ Orc^^
:orcevil: Orcevil Orcevil
:orc3: Orc3 Orc3
:orchmmm: Orchmmm Orchmmm
:orclaught Orclaught1 Orclaught1
:orcsort: Orcsort Orcsort
:orcbisoux Orcbisoux Orcbisoux
:orctong: Orctong Orctong
:orccry: Orccry Orccry
:orc13: Orc13 Orc13
:orcgift: Orcgift Orcgift
:orc8: Orc8 Orc8
:orcpoursu Orcpoursuite Orcpoursuite
:orccool: Orccool Orccool
:orc10: Orc10 Orc10
:orcfouet: Orcfouet Orcfouet
:orc5: Orc5 Orc5
:orcidiot2 Orcidiot2 Orcidiot2
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:xmascry: Xmascry Xmascry
:xmasredfa Xmasredface Xmasredface
:xmassmile Xmassmile Xmassmile
:xmasbiggr Xmasbiggrin Xmasbiggrin
:xmasmad: Xmasmad Xmasmad
:candycane Candycane Candycane
:xmasevil: Xmasevil Xmasevil
:xmastongu Xmastongue Xmastongue
:xmascool: Xmascool Xmascool
:xmasneutr Xmasneutral Xmasneutral
:xmassad: Xmassad Xmassad
:xmas3: Xmas3 Xmas3
:xmaslol: Xmaslol Xmaslol
:xmaswink: Xmaswink Xmaswink
:xmaseek: Xmaseek Xmaseek
:xmassurpr Xmassurprised Xmassurprised
:xmasconfu Xmasconfused Xmasconfused
:xmasmrgre Xmasmrgreen Xmasmrgreen
:xmasrolle Xmasrolleyes Xmasrolleyes
:xmas2: Xmas2 Xmas2
:xmasfrown Xmasfrown Xmasfrown
:xmastwist Xmastwisted Xmastwisted

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