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05-29-2006 02:35 PM thecreeper
damn that jeperel. i say we ban optimus funk just to teach him a lesson
05-29-2006 02:26 PM GT2000
Yep, I second that.
05-29-2006 02:22 PM thecreeper
it's all jep's fault with his google keyword kiddie porn stuff
05-27-2006 07:56 PM GT2000
wonder how long googleads have been gone...funny
05-27-2006 03:00 AM Marshall
no problem
05-27-2006 02:14 AM Optimus Funk
Thanks to you all who pissed in my yard, including myself
05-25-2006 08:37 PM squirrels2nuts
my cockapoo is in a box. she was 18.
05-25-2006 06:31 PM raublekick
hope all went well, donnie
05-25-2006 05:09 PM johnny
donnie, that's shitty dude. i'm still keeping my fingers crossed that max, my dog (chocolate lab), will live forever. he's getting older too..
05-25-2006 06:06 AM GT2000
but yeah...he's been with us since..well, i was 10 actually..i'm gonna post on what actually happened after i get home later..
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