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TTT History

Thecreeper wrote:

TheTestTube has been around a lot longer than most people think, and its timeline can be broken up into several eras.

Dexchange/Dexcussion (February 1999-October 1999):

Ahh...what started it all. was a site made for the Dexdrive, a device created in the Playstation and N64's heyday to allow copying and trading of memory card saves online. Most of the people still around from that era had purchased a Dexdrive and either had problems like mine (why won't this piece of shit work?) or came to find more saves. Backed by Interact, the board drew quite a following and was separated into numerous forums. Some of the earliest and still current members include Rebel10 (or Mike), Mr Biglesworth, la malta (who went by Kyosuke as well), and later, thecreeper (me), GT2000, and Cid. That was a great time populated by a bunch of young bored teenagers. I still don't know what the attraction was, but we were the Freaks. We hated the Gameshark board, we flamed the GameSages boards, talked about why FF7 was so awesome or why PSX SUCKS!!!, and we just had a really strange group of people connected by a poorly produced peripheral. All good things must end, however. The Dexcussion boards were taken down to be replaced by what was supposed to bring all of Interact's boards together and be much better. That left a lot of of us scratching our heads as to where to go until those boards were ready in the meantime. As we said goodbye to the UBB of Dexcussion, we said hello to EZBoard.

The EZBoard Split (October 1999-early 2000):

This was an odd time. Everyone wanted the Dex group to stay together, so about 10 people created EZBoards in the same vein. There was Coolcussion, Dexcussion2, and perhaps the most popular, GT2000's Dekscussion. This proved to be the best idea in terms of waiting out the Interact downtime. Within a few months, however, Interact was back with their new boards.

The Ugly Ass Yellow Board (early-mid 2000):

To me and many others, this was a catastrophe from the start. The censoring was extreme, and the board had no functionality or personality, on top of being buggy and inhabited by a lot of stupid people. Many of the old Dex people rejected it, and returned to the EZBoard life for a bit, planning the birth of a new site, Dekscussion. After a few false starts and bad servers, was born.

Dekscussion (mid 2000-September 2000):

Dekscussion was a great time that seemed to last a lot longer. I believe there was a site for it for awhile that was a precursor to TheTestTube's main site, but the real attraction was the return of a lot of old people to a secure place to talk and have it just like old times. Dekscussion was pretty popular and spawned a lot of the other members that still exist today. Dekscussion died, however. It died quickly and painfully at the hands of a jealous member on an ego trip who felt he needed to have absolute power. The site was taken over and all the admins and mods were removed. The Deks kids were left without a site once again. A new opportunity arose when testtubebaby and jerm had the idea for another site,

TheTestTube (UBB and Site) (September 2000-August 2001):

So we were back one more time with a new site that seemingly had promise and a new UBB. There were articles, news and reviews on many different things, and hope to turn this into something more. The boards thrived for almost a year, but laziness got the better of the staff, and by the end of August, Mr Biglesworth left this message

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Not bad, but you forgot the most thriving of the EZBoards, Deathcussion... I added that as my favorites and my mother, considering that I was like 14 or 15, deleted it.
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Haha...I forgot about that one..
Hop in, strap down, and hold on tight.
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man, i forgot all about that. i just remembered what the ugly yellow board was called too: Phorum. christ that thing was bad.

if anybody else has more stuff i missed, i'll edit it back in. i want this to be a bit more complete.
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