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Old 05-13-2005, 04:51 PM   #1
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The XBox 360

The XBox 360 was revealed officially last night on MTV. This much should be known to many. While the whole thing was a bit overhyped and we basically got to see the system and a few games, Microsoft gave themselves quite an advantage by putting this out on cable television, at least financially. Many people who aren't hardcore gamers likely saw that and were impressed by the spin that was put on this "revolutionary device."

And now today,, Microsoft's own little spin site, has posted a video of more info on the system. It hypes up how powerful it is and how it is the most advanced system possible right now. Also discussed is how every game will be Live-enabled, and users will be more in touch than ever before. I will say this, the technology is looking impressive. A lot of their little features will likely move a lot of consoles. Also, I'm glad that the creators were gamers themselves and care about making something cool. However, the screenshots that have been shown have not been all that ground breaking to me. They can create the most powerful system in the world, but show me some great games (both playwise and graphically) to back this up.

I have to say, aside from custom faceplates on the system (kinda cool idea, as long as it doesnt become like cell phones have recently), the system is just looking like a small PC. Microsoft is going to have to show me more than first person shooters, sequels, and online play to get me really interested. Also, I'm really not interested in online play outside of my computer, and the insistence on every game having it leaves me questioning the amount of quality single player experiences I can have on the system. I am not the only one who appreciates a great single player game, and the push to have everyone online and connected, etc, is not what every gamer wants. I know I neither can afford nor want an additional fee per month for owning their system.

Microsoft is hoping to make a big splash with this system, and I hope they are very successful. However, for the same reason I don't own an XBox, PSP, or DS now, I need some compelling, exclusive reasons to own it. Hopefully the XBox 360 will deliver everything their hype machine is promising, but I'm waiting for some proof that is truly is the next big thing.
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Well put. I don't want to see the death of simple and old fashioned fun games. By making every game Live-enabled they are also creating a huge risk. We're still at the point where tons of people still don't have even dial-up internet access in their homes, and many people probably don't have routers and what not to add an Xbox to their home network. If people know they are going to be missing out on some content (minimal game on disc, massive additions online) they are going to be turned off.

It just seems like the Xbox360 is HEAVILY relient on technology that has nothing to do with the system itself. High definition video-out and surround sound is awesome, but I'm still playing games on a 19" tv in my room. All of the really awesome features will cost me thousands of dollars to fully utilize. I don't see myself in a position to get that sort of multimedia set up until I get out of school and get a steady job, which could be 3-5 years from now. By then the Xbox 720 will be out. Is it possible that the games themselves will hold up without all of these enhancements? Maybe a few, but for the most part I doubt it.
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Old 05-17-2005, 02:58 PM   #3
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I need to catch the unveiling still, my buddy should still have it on his DVR, I'll check it out tonight when I go over there to get my ass whooped in Tiger Woods.
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