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Impressions of the Next-Gen Madden

As most of us know, Electronic Arts released images of the new Madden for PS3 last week. And like most everyone else, my jaw dropped a little at the sheer graphical prowess of this new game on a new system. The movie makes it look even more impressive, with a graphical display that most could never have imagine for in-game graphics back on the Playstation. In fact, most opening cinemas never even looked this good.

Take a look at the video (WMV)

But this brings me to my problem with this, and the next generation of systems in general. Madden looks terrific, no doubt about it. However, this is not indicative of how the game will play, and it is obvious that this is just a nice little demo movie set up to wow prospective buyers.

But it seems to me that instead of fixing problems with the game that were plaguing it for years in the past, the solution is to pretty it up and sell the same old thing again. I'm sure the crowd will look amazing and the amount of depth will be admirable, but why is there a push for a next-gen so early? I think graphics have come to a point where it SHOULD level out for awhile. I'm still way behind on my playing of PS2 and Gamecube games, many of which are still impressing me (seriously, check out the detail in a game like RE4 and tell me that's not awesome).

I have no desire to own another new console right now, and amazing graphics just aren't going to do it for me. Nintendo was right when they said that innovation should come before graphical power. I want to see something new and truly different to convince me I need to buy a new system. These system are going to require more programmers to work on the amount of detail and realism put in the games, so why settle for just more of the same? You might get the kids who are skin deep, but I'm looking for more in a relationship with my consoles.

Here's hoping there's more to this than just a pretty face.
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