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Finally went all out.

This whole thing started as a "Under $500 upgrade", and ballooned to a $1,200 shopping spree.

(sorry for shitty cell phone pic)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
ATI Radeon HD4870
4gb RAM
Antec Twelve Hundred case.
WD Cavair 1tb drive.
OCZ Vendetta 2 heatsink.
Xigmatek PSU.
Gigabyte mobo.

Too tired to build it now. Drove to a Microcenter that was 3 hours from my house to get the gear I didn't buy from NewEgg. And the weather was awful today, so.

I'm excited though. Often times, building the new rig is 90% of the fun. So, I'm gonna hold off til tomorrow to build it.
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