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Originally Posted by Stormy View Post
I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job. :-/ Can you volunteer in a lab/university setting to fluff up your C.V. with experience?

And thanks on the 666. Didn't realize I had it. Must be why all those cats are dying in Miami...
Funny you should mention this, i just found a lab taking on volunteers at the university i graduated from. Apparently theyre kind if full for the summer, but i can start in september. Here's a snippet of what i applied to:
Use aseptic technique to remove lenses from bovine, pig or rat eyeballs. Remove adhering vitreous humour from lenses, and incubate lenses in tissue culture 199 in an incubator in an atmosphere of 95% and 5% CO2. Irradiate lens using gamma irradiation apparatus available at London Health Sciences Westminster campus to simulte radiation encountered by asstronauts on Mars mission.
Heh. Asstronauts.
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