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Sorry about ya'lls loses too..

I'm doing ok, been a month and a half and it's weird not getting a random call from him. He was like my brother, when his gf called me the morning after it happened to tell me, she asked if I was driving, which I was, from one call to another, and she said that I needed to pull over which immediately told me it was bad, she had left a msg earlier in the morning and I had just listened so I knew it was about him.. he was basically trying to get attention, had been drinking, I've always known him to do not the brightest of things while drinking.. he put his gun to his head looking to scare her with the hammer clicking, but there was one in the chamber..

So it's been rough for many, we're going to do some kind of a memorial/get-together next month, there was no service.. was a fucked up situation, his mom was in new york.. she has custody of his daughter, he hasn't seen either of them in 5 years. His dad lives down here but they haven't talked in a couple years before this happened, and the parents kinda clashed, cremated him even though he would've been against that completely and split the ashes or something, so we're looking to do something for his daughter eventually, later down the road, as I know that would be the best thing to do for my friend's memory..

Father in law and niece are flying in from Russia on the 4th of July for 2 weeks, getting close and we're looking forward to it.. I still need to learn Russian
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