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i'm horny for hex

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Originally Posted by squirrels2nuts View Post
sorry about your friend. i lost a really good friend from a hospital error about 6 years ago..

but yeah i didnt get the job they wanted someone good or something:\

back to shovelin rocks.

also congrats on post 666 stormylia
I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job. :-/ Can you volunteer in a lab/university setting to fluff up your C.V. with experience?

And thanks on the 666. Didn't realize I had it. Must be why all those cats are dying in Miami...

A professor of mine died 2 weeks ago of cancer. She was really fucking cool. I drank with her, smoke pot with her, went to the beach with her, did an organic farm share with her... she knew how to live life. The memorial service was sad but made me think about what I wanted in life.
Wow. I'm sorry to hear about your loss as well, Neil. A few weeks ago I found out my favorite professor had died in February and no one from the uni had notified me. I hadn't done much with her as per social life, but I took a lot of her classes, visited her house with other students, and had some very personal discussions with her about my life. She was another one of those people who really enjoyed life, really enjoyed what she did, and was extremely pleasant to be around. Was the first female tenured professor at UVA, and was such a success. She provided a lot of direction in my interests, even in unrelated fields (neuroscience/psychology), and for the last two years I've been meaning to email her to thank her but got too busy with menial life stuff. I went to find her physical mailing address to ask about a reference when I found out; I googled her name and found her obituary instead. :/
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